We Have A Choice

We have a real opportunity here and quite frankly, I believe it is our last chance to make right the destruction we’ve caused on this planet.  In just three short months, She has clearly displayed her charity and forgiveness, even in fixing what we had torn down.  Like being charitable and compassionate to a bunch of fleas.

Our waters are clearing, our air is clearing, the ozone is repaired, the animals are flourishing again, and even the bees are prolific in the untrimmed wild grasses along the highways and freeways.  Everything is healing.

Count humans in on that.  Amidst the grief and loss, worry and fear, so many bright spots have shown themselves.  Some families have rediscovered their bonds, some couples are falling in love again, some people are finding out they like working from home, some bosses are finding out how much more cost effectively they can run their businesses with telecommuting. Bright spots.

If we choose to ignore all these things, and pollute, befoul, and poison the planet again, I personally do not think we will be the lucky ones.

We have a choice.

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