Large Blue Butterfly Returns

The biggest reintroduction to date of the large blue has led to the rare butterfly flying on a Cotswold hillside where it has not been seen for 150 years. About 750 butterflies emerged on to Rodborough Common in Gloucestershire this summer after 1,100 larvae were released last autumn following five years of innovative grassland management to create … Continue reading Large Blue Butterfly Returns

Detectorist Finds Haul of Artefacts

Metal detectorists, it’s fair to say, have had a good lockdown. Last month it emerged that amateur treasure hunters had unearthed dozens of rare finds in their back gardens while restrictions kept them at home. Now a detectorist in the Scottish Borders has uncovered a haul of bronze age artefacts – including a complete horse harness and preserved … Continue reading Detectorist Finds Haul of Artefacts

Breakthrough for Dyslexia

An LED lamp that helps people with dyslexia read “effortlessly” There may not be any current pharmaceutical treatment for dyslexia, but scientists have designed a new type of lamp that could be game-changing for people with learning disabilities. While the cause of dyslexia is still somewhat mysterious, the researchers found that the disorder can be … Continue reading Breakthrough for Dyslexia