Focus on You

So many people talking about the virus. It’s everywhere. It colours everything. It takes up our energy, our attention, our focus, our worry, our fears, our precious present moments. It robs us of so much, even when it hasn’t made us ill.

It’s not easy to ignore something so big, so widespread. It’s not easy to put it out of our mind. But it’s all we have. The attempts to rid ourselves of the reminders for just a few moments here and there.

Life is surreal at the moment. That is the best word I can think of.

But…we have an opportunity here to really begin to know ourselves. So many people go through life not genuinely knowing themselves. It’s not so much that it requires time. But that it requires TOTAL honesty with oneself. In a process of getting to know ourselves, it’s about being 100% honest about how we deal with things, what we want in life, how we see ourselves, and how we THINK others see us.

It’s that last one that can cause the most anxiety for some people. Not easy to disregard what others think, but it’s healthier. And it’s definitely healthier for our mental state of being.

Focus on you for a while. Learn more about you. Who you were, who you are, and who you want to become.

And don’t forget to laugh when you can. Cat/dog vids are good for that. There is always something to laugh at on Youtube. Laugh. It’s good for digestion, sleep, anxiety, and cabin fever.

Stay safe, friends.

# # #


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