Notre-Dame’s Bees Keep Buzzing

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“When fire ravaged Paris’s Notre-Dame cathedral last year, many presumed that the three colonies of bees living on its sacristy roof had perished. But against all odds, the bees survived the inferno and continued to thrive through the coronavirus lockdown.”

“There’s nothing wrong with them at all,” reports beekeeper Sibyle Moulin, who looks after some 30-45,000 insects in the three hives. “The behaviour of the colonies is perfectly normal.”

The beehives are just 30 metres below Notre-Dame’s main roof but were untouched by the flames. “The mystery remains,” says Moulin. “All that smoke, heat, water…” She kept visiting the bees through the coronavirus crisis. As humans stressed over COVID-19, Moulin reported that the bees were “completely unbothered”.

[Source: The Guardian]

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