Simple Steps To Improving Your Life

Manifesting and the Law of Attraction

Visit any bookstore, online or at the mall, and you’ll find walls of self-help books jammed with countless methods to improve your life…enough reading material to keep you busy for years. However, when it comes to improving your life, the simpler you keep things, the faster you will manifest the life you want. The simpler you keep things, the more you see the “proof” of the reality of the Law of Attraction. Keeping things simple means you have more time for the actual joy of living. 

By using the following five steps, you can begin to deliberately manifest your life right now. No need to wait. Create the life you want. It really is simple!

1. Count Your Blessings

Always begin with Gratitude. There is no more powerful force in your life than feeling blessed. The vibration of gratitude opens you to receiving the abundance that it attracts. But believe it or not, many people have a difficult time knowing where to start. Active gratitude is foreign to some people. 

The simplest way to begin beefing up your attitude of gratitude is to be completely in the moment. At this moment, you are seeing these words on your computer screen. You are blessed with vision, with a computer, with electricity to run the computer, with internet access, with intelligence to work the computer, with something to sit on while you’re reading these words, and so on. Blessings are limitless. Once you see them individually, you begin to see their abundance in your life. Everywhere you look you see things to feel grateful for.

2. Be Clear

Always be clear with what you want in your life. Clarity means that the universe will match the clear vibration of your desire and bring it to you. Be specific AND in the present moment. This is why it’s important not to plead or take on an attitude of desperation. When we put our thoughts to a thing, we take on a particular vibration. The universe strives to match that vibration by way of the Law of Attraction. Desperation is matched with desperation; lack is matched with more feeling of lack, etc. Clear thinking means a better match vibrationally. 

3. Let Go and Live

The “how” of a thing is the part that bogs humans down more than any other aspect of manifesting. Once we release the “how”, the universe can bring it to us in the swiftest way possible. When we consider the “how” (it will take three more paycheques for me to get a car) we instantly limit ourselves to that possibility only because we have become a vibrational match to it (what we think). So by continuing to attempt the “how”, we actually limit ourselves considerably. 

The release is a two step process. First, release the need for control of the “how”. Then release the desire itself. Make your wishes known, and then release them. Imagine them a lantern, lit and then released on a whoosh of air, to float from sight. Once released, you are then free to make the very best use of each moment of your life. To dwell on your desires means the possibility of slipping into an attitude of desperation. To release them, releases you to be in the moment. 

4. Actively Participate

You can sit around and wait for your life to improve, or you can begin right now to manifest the life you want, the things you want, the relationships you want. The Law of Attraction requires your active participation to ensure the best manifesting for you. You must put yourself into the vibration of what it is that you desire. The universe will bring you more of that. If you wish to have a new job, continue to actively look for a new job, knowing that you will see the opportunities as they arise. Actively feel the thing already in existence. Pretending comes in very handy at this step. Bring it into the now.

5. Acceptance

This last step is perhaps the hardest one that humans have to learn. So many have trouble seeing ourselves as worthy of the things we want most. So many people find it very difficult to accept compliments, let alone larger manifestations. We’re taught that humility is a virtue, to the point of denying ourselves the things we desire. 

Learning to accept our manifestations as they come about means we continue to attract that which we want. By accepting these wonderful things we manifest for our lives, we are telling our higher Self that our human self understands this magnificent power. That we, indeed, create our own reality. 


© J. Thompson


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