Cold Nights & Warm Hearts

Martin, are you here?

I seem to be, yes, Harriet. What is it you want?

Dunno, really. I was just feeling kind of lonely. It’s one of those nights I’d be likely to tuck my feet up against your legs, being as it’s chilly and damp.

Those toes. Christ they were cold. I remember that so clearly. I hated you doing that, but I let you because I grew to feel sorry for you. You had this way of looking…oh I don’t know….pathetic at times

Just what a girl wants to hear, Martin. That she looks pathetic.

I didn’t say all the time, Harriet. Just moments here and there. Even the fake pathetic you’d don to get the credit cards to shop wasn’t like what I’m talking about.

Anyway, will you stay with me a while. I miss you here beside me despite the gas. Tonight I doubly miss your physical presence here, but this is ok, too.

I wish I could climb into the bed beside you Harriet and cuddle in our flannel sheets and that thick comforter you forced me to try. I loved that thing. You did some of your best bitching under that comforter.

God, martin, I am a bitch aren’t I.

You’re just figuring it out, dearest?

Well, I’ve pretty much known all along, but it’s only now sinking in. My life has changed so much since you died. Nothing is the same.

I wish there was more I could do darling. I’m sorry for leaving you so soon.

We have no control over some things, Martin. Despite the fact you spent your life as a control freak, you ultimately had no control at all.

You were the control freak in our relationship, Harriet. It was you who wanted everything your way. I went along for a smoother ride.

Yes, I guess I am a bit fussy.

If I could drink, I’d have choked on my scotch at that one, darling. Fussy is not a word that springs to mind to describe you.

Pain in the ass. Is that better?

Oh much.

Do hush up now, Martin. I’m trying to get some rest. Will you stay until I fall asleep?

Of course dear. I have no other pressing engagements.

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