Insurance Purposes

Martin, do you remember that extra insurance policy you bought about fifteen years ago? It was some new thing that horrid nephew of yours was selling, the little leech.

Go easy on him Harriet. I don’t think he was ever all there. My sister was quite a stupid girl in her youth. Wouldn’t surprise me if she bequeathed him a half-set of common sense.

You’re right, but he was infuriating. I’m glad I never have to see your people again. Do you remember that awful little girl, Diane? She could not keep her hands off anything. Her mother found your pocket watch in her daughter’s toy purse more than a week after our dinner here. Ugh, what a monster. Makes me ever so glad we didn’t procreate.

Yes, yes. I’ve heard it before. Now, what about that insurance policy?

Ah, yes. Ok, well I need to know where the policy is. You must have misfiled it or something.

How in hell am I supposed to remember fifteen years ago, Harriet?!

I don’t know, Martin, but you better! It’s worth a lot of money to me.

Oh I see. I sincerely hope this insurance thing is the reason I’ve been hanging around you, you money-grubbing bitch.

Damn Martin, you made me choke on my coffee. Darling, if I’d have wanted you for your money, I’d have married someone else.

Sometimes Harriet, you’re lucky I’m dead. If I had a hand, I’d be likely to smack you.

Why do you even bother saying things like that. If you had a sledge hammer and could swing it, you still wouldn’t hurt me. Silly man.

Am I that transparent? God, never mind. I really am transparent.

Yes, dear I’m afraid you are. Now about that policy?

Check the blue box, top of the wardrobe.

Thank you, Darling. And I’m sorry about your lack of substance.

Gees Harriet, even in mock sympathy, you still cut to the core.

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