Venus & Mars

You just have to love these action films, eh Harriet?

Well actually darling, I quite hate them. I much prefer a good love story.

God, aren’t we just a fine example of mediocre cliché. Me the action stuff, you the romance. The plumb line for every relationship self-help book out there.

Martin, we should write a self-help book. Ever considered ghost writing?

Oh very funny Harriet. I do enjoy a good spook joke.

Sorry dear. Couldn’t resist.

I do wish you’d try.

Oh don’t pout. Your lips get all filmy and misty when you pout. As though your thoughts take your mind off holding your image. Does that make any sense at all?

Oddly enough dear it does. I do have to focus when I’m here. As though the in between times are a relax thing; some kind of break.

God Martin, this whole afterlife thing is really complicated. Or maybe it’s very simple and we’re just not that simpleminded. One wonders.

One doesn’t, Harriet. You do.

Yes, yes I do, Martin. I wonder all the major questions in life, like anyone else and it doesn’t help to have your dead ass around and low and behold you’re in the afterlife and you can’t answer any of them. You don’t know how you got there, where you were before this house again, where you go when I’m not here, etc. etc. What’s a curious girl to do, eh?

I can see your frustration and raise you a body. I’d LOVE to know what happens to me. I can only trust it will be revealed in time. I cannot believe that this is for eternity.

Oh I see. So now you don’t want to spend eternity with me anymore,. Seems rather contrary to your whispers of love in our early years together.

You know what I mean Harriet. Stop trouble-making.

Do shut up, Martin. I can’t hear the television.

I thought you hate action films?

I do. Except when the hero looks like that guy.


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