Community Welcomes Family Back

“A young man and his father went on an auction to try and win back a land their family owned for years. There, all 200 Nebraska farmers present remained silent and did not place a bid, to help them buy back their family farm.

The coronavirus has taught us that we can take nothing for granted. The crisis that accompanies it has affected numerous people.

However, a story of a surprising twist that has gone viral a few years ago can now remind us that if we work together, we can always come out as winners.

While its origins are a bit murky, the moral of this story emphasizes the good in humanity, something we truly need these days. All of his life, David has been a farmer. His entire family are also farmers, and for the last several decades, they have been working together on a farm.

Yet, an ancestor had sold off their 80-acre farm to a relative who did not have their best interest in mind, and this left David and the rest of the family devastated. The whole ordeal was entirely legal, but it wasn’t any less painful for them.”

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